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            Once again it’s that time of year where we reflect on what we’re thankful for. When I look back on the year behind me, I am more than anything thankful for all the new opportunities that crossed my path. One opportunity in particular being Project Cultivate!

            Before I joined this project I had little idea the extent of the effect of sex trafficking in our local community and in our country. I knew little about the sex industry and the prevalence of human trafficking. Not only did this project inform me on the larger issue but also it showed me that there are real ways for people to actually help, and I felt called to take part in this effort.


 Chances are, most of you reading this haven’t faced sex trafficking yourselves, and you might not even know someone who has. However, know that you can help bring light to the topic and to the stories of survivors. With this semester coming to a close here at APU, Project Cultivate will be looking for new team members (and many other nonprofits that work to end sex trafficking are always looking for volunteers). So listen, be informed, and lend a hand! It really is as simple as this to start a change within your life, and help to cause positive change within the life of someone else. Looking back on this opportunity you will be so thankful for the chance to change someone’s life and to be apart of a team that is able to do this. So give yourself another reason to be thankful around this time next year as an intern with Project Cultivate!

This week Project Cultivate will be taking a break from our normal booth on APU’s campus - so some of our team can go home and enjoy some turkey (while others go off to serve on mission trips). However, stop by next week and learn more! Learn about our cause or how to join our project. Big things are in store for our project’s future and we want you to be apart of it! 



Amanda Schobert, Blog Writer

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