A Year of Innovation

Meet 2015. A year of change and new beginnings. A year of transformation. A year of innovation. Meet the most pivotal year for Project Cultivate. 

It started with a passionate, relentless team of interns working hard to prepare and plan our annual spring fashion show. In April, we hosted our most successful fashion show thus far, raising $7,000 for our Professional Development Program. Thank you to those of you who worked so hard to put on this event, and to those of you who attended! It would not have been so successful without you!

The summer welcomed us with new ideas, new visions and questions. After hours of re-evaluating and analyzing our project’s values, we made the decision to rebrand the project. From May to August, the Project Cultivate leadership team spent hours of researching, writing and rewriting to put these new ideas and visions into words. The result: a new name, a new design, a new mission statement, a new vision, and a new dream. This included changing our name from My Rescue to Project Cultivate, and shifting our focus from helping women sex trafficked to empowering women in the sex industry.

After launching our rebranding, Project Cultivate welcomed a new team of 16 interns. Our Project would not be where it is today without this team of zealous, creative, determined group of superheroes. Since September, they have launched a biweekly, discussion based event called AfterDark, which seeks to inspire and create daily conversations on the issues of the sex industry. They also planned and marketed a Fall Marketing Fair for students at Azusa Pacific University, and raised $500 by volunteering at the Azusa Canyon Marathon. Project Cultivate also had the absolute honor of receiving a Wal-Mart Foundation Woman’s Economic Empowerment grant of $1,500. 

We look back on this year with pride in our hearts and excitement in our eyes. With great anticipation of what's ahead, we say goodbye to 2015. There will be hurdles to jump and obstacles to face. However, we stand with courage, ready to meet them on the field. 

We say: Hello 2016. 

By: Johanna Keller, Co-President

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