Saving and Loving America's Daughters

I came across this video by the Polaris Project on youtube today as I was browsing the internet searching for some inspiration. In all honesty, this is the most powerful and touching story I have heard, and I absolutely recommend all of you reading this to watch the video. I hope it pulls on your heart as it has on mine. The poem is based on an actual life event and is told by an anonymous human trafficking survivor. I admire so much the speaker's bravery to come forward and tell her story. I can't even begin to imagine the horrors she went through and the emotions she felt as she shared her story. It definitely broadened by horizons and got me thinking about all the different types of human and sex trafficking. We commonly hear about women in prostitution or in some other type of commercial sex trade, but what about those who are in homes and are subject to domestic violence, cruelty, and sexual exploitation every single day of their lives? This video gives us a glimpse of that disturbing reality. It gave me a chance to feel what those victims felt, even if it was just for a fleeting second. Through her voice, I could sense the pain, fear, and anxiety. I could feel her hopelessness. 

The one word that stood out to me the most was love. "Love" is something we all can relate to. We have all experienced some form of love and we have all sensed the good and bad side of love. We have felt the butterflies in our stomach whenever we see that one special guy or gal. We have felt the heartbreak that seems everlasting when we lose a loved one. The survivors in this video wanted to be loved, but what they got in return was so much less than that. They got abused, used, and exploited so much so that now "love" holds a negative connotation - it has become a word to be feared.

At  Project Cultivate, we have a mission to "activate a  community of empowerment." Through this, we hope to create a beacon of light that shines beyond the mass of darkness that all sex trafficking victims may feel entrapped in.  We hope to show them that they are loved and supported by their community - we can be their helping hands so that they never feel alone or afraid again. 

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By: Vanessa Burris, Managing Editor


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