Activating a Culture of Empowerment


To cultivate restorative communities which affirm identity in survivors of the sex industry through professional, strength based development




The sex industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world, with annual worldwide sales at $97 billion. Thousands of women are emotionally and physically coerced into this industry to be used as tools to generate profit. Once immersed into this de-humanizing culture, it can be nearly impossible to leave. The lack of resources and self-worth confines them to the walls of this industry.

Freedom should always be an option.   



Freedom begins with providing resources that will empower and challenge survivors to reach their full potential. We believe that these resources need to be both educational and relational. Project Cultivate seeks to provide these resources through our Professional Development Program and a restorative community that is communicating, committed and connected with this issue.



Project Cultivate's Professional Development Program (PDP) is a strength-based program for survivors of the sex industry. We seek to provide women with the professional resources necessary for sustainability and independence. Unfortunately, they are missing the stepping stone between emotional recovery and the professional world. This program seeks to be that stepping stone.



Our Professional Development Program is a 15 week program that covers a series of modules on subjects including self identity, professionalism, technology, communication, finance, dreams, and goals. It is a combination of classroom meetings, group discussion, guest speakers, and one on one mentoring sessions. Empowerment, growth and independence is the program's end goal.



After interviewing an estimated 25 survivors, safe houses and professionals, we have successfully transitioned out of the research phase and moved into development. During the development phase, our top priority is to build relationships with local safe houses and use our research to create the program which will provide the space and resources for these women to professionally develop.




The Walmart Foundation is committed to helping people live better through philanthropic efforts that draw on the strengths of Walmart in the arenas of sustainability, economic opportunity, and community. Partnered with Enactus, Walmart's Women Economic Empowerment Project specifically seeks to empower women by providing entrepreneurial training and workforce development through Enactus teams. 

Azusa Pacific University is a private, Free Methodist, Evangelical Christian university located in Azusa, California. It is an institution that seeks to cultivate difference makers that will make a difference in an increasingly global society. Specifically seeking to do this through their four cornerstones: Christ, Scholarship, Community, and Service. 


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